Scooter Insurance Program for Austin, TX

Olivares & Ziegler Insurance Group, LLC offers Progressive Motorcycle Insurance. Technically, scooter insurance is the same policy form as a motorcycle insurance policy. Get an online instant quote or call us at 512-454-7799.
Featured Article Scooter Insurance Coverage in Austin, Texas Scooters are motorized bikes with engines from 50cc to 250cc. The frame is step-through with less than 16” diameter wheels. The engine is located at the back, below the rider’s seat. In Austin, Texas, there is a growing number of motor scooters mainly due to the rising cost of gas and the growing awareness on fuel conservation and going “green”. If you have a scooter, make sure you have an Austin scooter insurance coverage. Though a scooter cannot sustain high speed driving, it goes without saying that you still need an Austin scooter insurance coverage because it is required by the state of Texas and it is a practical idea more so if you got involved with an accident. Is scooter insurance the same as motorcycle insurance? Technically speaking, an Austin scooter insurance coverage is classified under a motorcycle insurance policy but with a more specialized coverage. Each state has its own liability insurance requirements which means the requirements and regulations for scooter insurance in Austin, Texas could be different than the one implemented in New York. Your Austin scooter insurance coverage rate is greatly determined by the engine size of your scooter. A 50cc scooter will have a lower insurance rate than a 100cc scooter. A scooter with an engine less than 50cc is classified as a moped and will require limited or less Austin scooter insurance coverage. Austin scooter insurance coverage is not automatically offered by all insurance agencies in Austin. Those that do offer Austin scooter insurance will most likely offer:
  • liability coverage which is your protections against medical expenses should you hit a biker or a pedestrian
  • Collision is your Austin scooter insurance coverage for any collision accident
  • Medical will cover your medical expenses in case you get hurt while using your scooter
These coverages are general. It is also possible to opt for special preferences in your Austin scooter insurance coverage such as:
  • roadside assistance
  • trip interruption
  • accessory coverage
  • disappearing deductibles
  • rental vehicle coverage